Update on my Trek X-caliber bike

After posting a review on Trek’s website about my X-caliber I was contacted by Trek and asked to take my bike to my local bike dealer. I argued with Trek that the local dealer did not address any of my initial complaints to my satisfaction and I did not want to waste my time getting back there. Trek insisted that this would be the only way to go. Fine! I then took the bike back to the shop.

After a week or so it was returned to me. Trek replaced the back wheel with an upgraded one, they replaced the faulty tire with a new tire,  replaced the faulty crank set with  new one and a shifting cable.

Despite their best efforts on fixing the issues with the bike the gear shifting on the bike continued to be atrocious. Lots of over-shifting, slow shifting, chain traveling over the higher crank and more. I then complained to the store manager and he asked me to once again bring the bike back to their shop. I did bring the back in one last time and he had the bike fixed yet again.

The next time I rode after I got my bike back I did find new issues with shifting. Argh! I then contacted the store and demanded a resolution to the problem. I stated that I had spent good money on a bike that had never deliver any satisfaction. Their solution was to take the bike back and give me a store credit for the bike. I agreed and selected a Specialized bike to replace the Trek one.

The new bike is a Specialized Carve with Shimano components. And after a month or so of riding I am in ecstasy. The new bike not only works but it works much better than my previous Trek.

I also learn that Trek removed my negative review from their site without asking me if my issues were ever resolved – OUCH! You can find the original review posted on here my site.


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