Day 6 – Carrión de Los Condes to Calzadillo de los Hermanillos

Last night we had dinner with a couple of Spanish cyclists in a small restaurant. It was probably the best meal so far in this trip. Things looked good for good night of sleep. However, sometime overnight a fight broke out in front of our hotel. That made for a less than stellar sleeping night.
Nevertheless I woke up ready to go. Chris on the other hand did not wake up on his best day.
We also had what I can call the worst breakfast ever. And on that we started our journey towards Leon.
Things looked really good. The sky was clear, the morning was cold but not too much. A great day for cycling. So we put our first 17 km down with ease and then we stopped to correct the lowsy breakfast we had in Carrión. Great tortilla de patatas and cafe con leche – this is what I call the Spanish powerbar and Gatorade. Great combination for cyclists.
On our way we met several people from previous days. Normally we chat for a while and exchange tips. On one of those chats I learned that they were having trouble finding hotels on or near Leon. I made quite a few phone calls and indeed there were no rooms available at all the places I tried. That was somewhat bothersome.
Then Chris realized that he had forgotten some stuff at our previous hotel. I then used my phone to look up the hotel’s phone number and call in to see if they could locate his stuff. The lady did find it and suggested a way to have it delivered to us. What a relief, we did not have to bike back 30 something kilometers to retrieve his stuff.
When we arrived at Sahagun we stopped for some refreshments and had some sweet pastry with cream. Really good stuff. Tried a few more times for hotels with no success. Then we continued on. After taking an alternate route that was more scenic but harder we ran into Calzadilla de Los Hermanillos. It was a good relief. The sun was baking us and the dryness of the air was making me feel very thirsty no matter how much water I drank.
In Calzadilla we stopped at a Comedor and had some food and drinks. We figured what to do and given that the place had still rooms available at a very favorable rate we decided to stop here and call it a day.
We will use the spare time afforded by this early stop to reorganize some of our stuff, rest and catch up. Oh! And, of course, have a cold beer!
Buen Camino!







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