My bike adventure, take 2 – from Coos Bay, OR to San Francisco, CA – September 2013

Early this year I had decided that I wanted to cycle from Astoria, Oregon to San Francisco, California. So I set out to invite cyclist friends to travel with me and share the adventure. I got a few people that had expressed interest in joining me. However, no one did .

That did not affect my determination to ride. I set a date at the end of July and went on my ride as planned. (You can find the posts for each day on my blog.)

However, because of a nagging shoulder pain, I had to end my ride prematurely when I arrived at Crescent City. At least I could say I traversed the entire Oregon coast by bicycle.

Regardless, I went back home, had my shoulder looked at by 2 doctors that had completely opposite diagnosis. The only thing that the doctors agreed on, was that I could continue to ride my bicycle without damaging my shoulder.

Preparations began for me to complete my ride. At first I thought I could resume from Crescent City. But the logistics of getting there proved to be time consuming. There is no direct flight to Crescent City from Seattle and, the small planes that do, couldn’t carry my bicycle.

After looking around for fast and economical ways to get as close as possible to Crescent City, I decided to drive to Eugene, Oregon and park my car there. I’d then catch a local bus to Coos Bay, and cycle from there all the way to San Francisco.

The return trip was to be done by train from San Francisco to Eugene where my car would be waiting to be driven all the way back home.

There! I had a travel plan that could be fit to my vacation schedule, and left me enough days to complete the ride. So I set the first definitive date, just to be delayed when my rear brakes unceremoniously failed. Long story short, Shimano sent a replacement set under warranty, and my trip got delayed one week.

Due to my time constraints, my trip was planned to last 6 days, plus 2 travel days for getting to the starting point town and, then back home. I was starting the ride itself on a Friday, arriving to San Francisco the next Wednesday around 1 or 2 PM, and catching the train back to Eugene that same evening. Not a lot of time for lollygagging but doable.

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