I’m ready for yet another tour down the Pacific Coast

Yes! I’m doing it again. I’m riding down the Pacific Coast. But this time, my friend John is joining me. We have all of what we need ready to go. Travel arrangements to our starting point, equipment, vacation time scheduled and approved, and return trip.

We are starting on Saturday, September 19th from Kelso, WA. We are getting there by train using Amtrak’s Cascade. Once in Kelso, we prepare our bikes and leave towards our destination.

We are following, for the most part, the Adventure Cycling Pacific Coast Route. Our destination is San Francisco in about 10 or 11 days. Because we are two, we are planning to use campsites as much as we can.

Besides the obvious equipment; bicycles, tents, stove, etc., we are also taking a couple of GMRS radios to remain in touch with each other in the cases where we distance one form the other. One of the radios is also a HAM radio with 2 meters and 70 cm. bands. We are both licensed GMRS operators and I am also a licensed HAM radio operator.

And because I am a HAM operator, I am also using a homegrown APRS (Automated Packet Reporting System) transmitter to broadcast our position every five minutes. I will post more details on how to track our progress in a couple of days.

IMG_2491On top of the APRS system, we are also using, Facebook, Twitter, nightly posts to this website, and  Track My Tour to map our progress.

Just to give you an idea of our route, here are the GPS courses we are going to use:

  1. Kelso to Manzanita – 102.20 miles  View Details »
  2. Manzanita to Beverly Beach – 98.51 miles  View Details »
  3. Beverly Beach to North Bend – 103..05 miles View Details »
  4. North Bend to Gold Beach – 90.31 miles View Details »
  5. Gold Beach to Orick – 98.65 miles – arrive to California  View Details »
  6. Orick to Ferndale – 67.33 miles View Details »
  7. Ferndale to Avenue of the Giants (LOST COAST) – 65.63 miles View Details »
  8. Alternative to Lost Coast – Ferndale to Avenue of the Giants – 30.14 miles View Details »
  9. Ave of the Giants to Westport – 85.50 miles View Details »
  10. Westport to Jenner – 112.60 miles View Details »
  11. Jenner to SFO – 80.57 miles View Details »
  12. Jenner to SFO – Alternative via US 1 – 78.22 miles View Details »

Please, stay tuned for more updates prior to our departure.

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