Sabbatical and bicycle trip

I’m about to go on a sabbatical. And, as part of my sabbatical, I’ll be riding down the coast. Starting in Crescent City and ending in San Diego.

John Baker will be riding as well

We have allowed ourselves up to 2 weeks to complete the ride.
We have the whole ride mapped and ready to go. Bicycles are prepared and we are working on finalizing the equipment and clothing.
We even have three alternatives to the Big Sur road closure due to the  Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge incident.
We are leaving Seattle on June 19th around 4 AM and driving all the way to Crescent City. There we will park at the airport and ride some 37 miles to our first campground – Prarie Creek Redwoods State Park.
And from there, ride to San Diego. The plan is to camp as much as we can, and only use hotels if it rains or if campgrounds are not available at our daily destination. The only exception to this rule is on a rainy day.
Once we arrive in San Diego, we will rent a car and return to Crescent City to pick-up my car and continue our drive back to Seattle.
Once I complete this ride, I will have ridden the coast from the Canadian border to the Mexican border.
I’m very excited to embark in yet another ride on the Pacific Coast and invite you to follow me as I progress towards San Diego. I plan to post daily to my blog and also use an IOs app that posts my progress to a website – Stay tuned for the link.

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